Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I'm not a Lawyer

I could never be a lawyer. Whilst, like many people, I love watching a good courtroom drama (“You can’t handle the truth!”) I am well aware that the life of a solicitor, and even that of a barrister, contains very few of these dramatic moments, and quite a lot of hard work and small print. I am happiest when creating, from eye-catching advertisements to articles, and I also have a bizarre penchant for stationery catalogues, so there is actually no career on the planet more suitable for me than that of LawCare’s administrator. Which, by happy coincidence, happens to be what I am.

According to several studies, those who choose a career in law are most often Type A personalities. They are driven, competitive, highly motivated, love a challenge, and read newspapers to keep up with the news, rather than for the cartoons and gossip columns which are my Type B pages of choice.

Once qualified, they strive to make partner, or bill more hours than anyone else in the firm, or make more money than their friends. They get a real buzz from the work they do, and the more complex, convoluted and critical it is, the better. I find it particularly tragic, then, that the LawCare helpline has recently been inundated with lawyers fearing that they may be made redundant, or who have already lost the career they cherished, or who have been searching for a job for several months with no success. At present these account for one in every four calls received at LawCare.

I could never be a lawyer, but I do feel for those who badly want to be lawyers but can’t any longer.

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