Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Office Environment

The LawCare admin office recently underwent an office move for the fifth time in our fourteen-year history.

Our first office was a small suite of rooms on the top floor of 3 Bank Place in Porthmadog, and seems such a long time ago now. From there we moved onto a lower floor of the same building for a year before leaving Porthmadog altogether.

I thought the latest move might be a stressful experience, and I would miss my old office space. In the event it took less than a day, and I’m quickly getting used to where everything is and enjoying the lighter, brighter and more structured environment.

I think it’s very important for everyone to have a place to work where they can feel comfortable, secure and in control. Studies have shown that an individual’s surroundings are very important to a sense of wellbeing. Workers need to know that they have all the equipment, information and materials needed to do their job, and where they can find it. They need to have a comfortable chair, not be too hot or cold, and regular breaks with access to refreshing drinks and snacks, as required.

It’s pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how many lawyers struggle on without the books, supervision, secretarial support or even desk space they need. (I’ve written before about why I think “hot-desking” is a bad idea.) I’m aware that I’m very lucky to have such a comfortable office environment to enjoy, but if you’re forced to work in a draughty, ill-lit room, with faulty / inadequate equipment, LawCare is here to provide the support and encouragement you need to make the changes you need.

LawCare’s free and confidential helpline is available 9-7.30 Monday-Friday, 10-4 weekends, on:
0800 279 6888 (Solicitors, Law Students and Legal Executives in England and Wales)
0800 279 6869 (Solicitors, Advocates and Law Students in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man)
0800 018 4299 (Barristers, Clerks and Judges in England and Wales)
1800 991801 (Solicitors in the Republic of Ireland)
1800 303145 (Barristers in the Republic of Ireland)

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